Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 142 (Day 258) Hiding

Sometimes when I come home, if Mike picks up the kids, there is always a game of "Where's Michael?"  Now that we have this fun box fort in the middle of our family room, I often find him in there!

Day 141 (Day 257) Fitness

Even dog's need to stay fit!  We try to give Bugsy some exercise by playing a game of fetch.  Poor dog gets exhausted fast, since Michael doesn't let him bring a ball back before throwing the next one!

Day 140 (Day 256) Favorite food

All the favorite foods of a small child.  Hot dogs, chips and dip, pretzels, cheese, and juice!

My BFF and her son came over for a playdate and picnic!

Day 139 (Day 255) Eyes

Baby Girl's eyes

Day 138 (Day 254) Flight

Two ducks take flight after they had enough of the kids following them around our yard.  You can tell it startled both of them a bit!

The male and female mallards had spent about 20 minutes in our yard before they flew off.  We gave them lots of bread, and the kids gave them lots of exercise after doing several  laps around the yard.  They even came back shortly after this picture was taken, looking for more food I imagine.

Day 137 Day 253) In Shadow

Oops.  My camera settings were off, and the backlight put hubby in a shadow.

A little tweaking in photoshop, and you can now see him a little better!

Day 136 (Day 252) Garden

Day 135 (Day 251) Seeds

Day 134 (Day 250) Sunshine

Now that it is warmer, and the sun is shining more and more, I am trying to get Allie to wear shades.  She keeps them on for 2 seconds before she yanks them off.  This was attempt number 6 to get a picture without her hand in the way.  You can see my hand in the lower right hand corner trying to hold her hand back.  Taken with my cell phone while on a walk at the park.

Day 133 (Day 249) Crooked

Our neighbor's crooked mailbox next to our new and improved mailbox.

Wanna see the "before" mailbox?

Yeah, it was that bad.  I am embarrassed that we let it look like this for so long!

Day 132 (Day 248) Mood

Michael's mood after he earned his orange headbad in taekwondo.

Day 131 (Day 247) Hanging

Day 130 (Day 246) Fuzzy

It's when I try to take pictures like this that I wished I had a more professional model of camera, or better lenses.  Still fun to try, nonetheless!

Day 129 (Day 245) I Love...

I love...being a mom!

Day 128 (Day 244) Heartwarming

My son picked out these flowers for me for Mother's Day, presented a day early.  It warmed my heart.

Day 127 (Day 243) Fast

My hubby had just bought a new mower for his business, and he brought it home to do our yard.  Our yard isn't that big, so it took him maybe 10 minutes, with the help of MJ.  Hubby was purposely making this face for me, but Michael was pushing the bars forward with all his might to make it go fast, while hubby was trying to pull it back to slow him down.  That machine really moves!

Here are a few more calm moments!

Day 126 (Day 242) Hope

Ever year we cling to hope that this will be the year for the Cubs!

Getting Caught up!

Holy Moly! I have been behind!  I will try to catch up now, so forgive me for the overload that is about to happen!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 124 (Day 240) Family


This mother picked a strange place to start her family.  It was right next to a well used sidewalk, and next to a concrete wall.  But she didn't let the foot traffic scare her off.  She kept her eye on us as we walked near, but she never budged from her mulch nest.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 123 (Day 239) In The City

In The City

I had to head to the city AGAIN.  That is the third time in three weeks.  Aaaad...I may have to go again next week!  As much as I love Chicago, I am not a fan of going so often in a short period of time.  That is a lot of miles adding up on my poor old car.  Thank goodness for business mileage reimbursement!

Trump Tower, via my cell phone.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 122 (Day 238) Primary Colors

Primary Colors

I could have used several different themes for this photo, but saving some of the others for a more planned out picture.