Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 180 (Day 296) Dairy

June 29, 2011

I couldn't just post one picture for this day.  I need 4 to tell the whole story.

Most nights, our routine is the following:  I am in charge of putting Baby Girl down for the night, and hubby takes care of Michael.  Usually it doesn't take as long for me, since Allison is pretty easy to get to bed.  But Michael takes forever with every step of his bedtime routine.  I swear we have to ask him 5 times to wash himself, 5 times to get out of the tub, 5 times to get dressed, 5 times to brush his teeth, etc.  While this is going on, I end up going downstairs to catch up on some computer or TV time, or tidying up, before heading to bed myself. 

When Michael finally is ready for bed, he comes downstairs to give me a hug & kiss goodnight, and usually cons me into a bedtime snack.  The snack is usually accompanied by a long-drawn out story of his conjuring.  You know...anything to delay going to bed.  But I secretly love it, because I love to sit and listen to his stories!

Now back to the theme.  On this evening, the snack was milk (dairy) and cookies.  We have taught him the proper way to eat cookies!

Yum!  I chose to do these in black and white because the lighting and white balance were horrible.  I tried to correct it, but I didn't like how they were turning out.  Black and white did the trick (for me, at least!)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 179 (Day 295) Disorder

June 28, 2011

This was at Baby Girl's 18-month appointment.  This girl is obsessed with shoes!  She puts them on and off all day, and wears several different pairs a day.  At the time, these were her shoes of choice when it was time to go "bye-bye."  She puts them on by herself, and usually gets them on the correct feet.  But while she was stripped to her diaper and waiting for the doctor, she put them on didn't quite get it right that time.  That's ok.  I love that she is so independent!  I know one day in the near future I won't feel that way, but for now I do!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 178 (Day 294) Lot & Lots & Lots

June 27, 2011

Did you miss me?  Once again, I am behind on posting pictures.  How many times have I said this now?  I have been slacking all summer!  But now that summer is winding down, and I seem to have more spare time, I am going to attempt to catch up.  It won't all be in one day, so I hope nobody expects that!

Although I am a couple of months behind, these pics were taken at the time indicated, or very close to it.

Day 177 (Day 293) Sleeping

Baby girl had a very exhausting, fun-filled weekend!

Day 176 (Day 292) Sweet

 We attended a pirate-themed birthday party on Saturday.  These were just the right amount of sweet, and very yummy!  Arrrrggggh!

Day 175 (Day 291) In The Office

My shiny, new stapler.  "Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler... "

Day 174 (Day 290) Nature

Another lazy day, sitting outside with the kids, enjoying nature.

Day 173 (Day 289) Red

This guy was way up in the tree.  I spotted him as I was sitting on the deck in my backyard while the kids played.

Day 172 (Day 288) Simple

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 170 (Day 286) Father's Day/Together

Day 169 (Day 285) Health

We visited a local kids' museum, called Kids' Healthworks Museum.  It was one that we had not been to before.  Most of the exhibits were related to your body and health.  This giant operation game was really fun!

Day 168 (Day 284) Insects

day 167 (Day 283) Multicolored

'Tis the season for smoke bombs!  The come is all kinds of colors.  These were the white and yellow.  We also had red, blue, green, and purple!

Day 166 (Day 282) Glass

My poor phone.  I have dropped it many times, but this last time was once to many.  It still worked, but every time I put it to my ear, little shards of glass kept poking me, and falling off.  Luckily, Apple gave me a replacement!  So now I am back in business, and it is much safer to talk on!

Day 165 (Day 281) Oddity

My employer is donating time and transporation to CAPS (Child and Parent Services) to help them distribute Elk.  We delivered unpainted Elk to artists, who painted them, and then we transported the finished products to a big unveiling location.  In the very near future, they will be auctioned off and displayed throughout Elkhart County, Indiana.  All proceeds from the auction will go to CAPS.  I can't wait to see them all!  This one's theme was a quilt.

I am sure this was quite an odd sight for passers by or other motorists - to see a painted elk in the back of a pick up truck!

Day 164 (Day 280) Hidden Mickey

I have been looking forward to our upcoming family trip to Disney World.  I keep seeing "Mickey" everywhere!

Day 163 (Day 279) Neglected

The post office neglected to take notice of "hand stamp only" and "fragile, do not bend" on the package this CD was mailed to me in.  I was so sad when this arrived, because it was a long-awaited picture CD.  It was from a photo shoot with a fellow blogger/photographer - pictures she took of my children while we were in Chicago.  I am still waiting for the replacement CD, however, she upload the pictures to Flickr for me!  If I ever get caught up here, I will share some of her work with you!

Day 162 (Day 278) Mouth Watering

Is your mouth watering yet?

Day 161 (Day 277) Music

The bridge to Island Park, where Rhapsody in Green was taking place.  It is a festival that showcases local musicians and vendors.  You can hear the music before even starting to cross.

Day 160 (Day 276) House/Home

Here is a little more of what we deliver.  This is soon to be someone's new home.

Day 159 (Day 275) Patriotic

Day 158 (Day 274) Summertime Fun

Day 157 (Day 273) Obligations

My hubby owns a landscape & lawn maintenance company.  When it rains during the week, his obligations spill into the weekends.  That is when he stops by the house and gives the kids a spin on his fast machines.  I posted one with my son before.  On this day, it was Allie's turn!

Day 156 (Day 272) One

Michael's taekwondo school hosted an open house for the public to see what they were all about.  They are really trying to grow the school.  Lots of the current students attended, and one of the classes was for board breaking.  Michael broke a board on his first punch!

Day 155 (Day 271) Tasty

My son pretending to eat a big tasty mushroom he found growing in the yard.

Day 154 (Day 270) Natural Framing

Day 153 (Day 269) Smells

I know you can't smell this picture,  but trust me!  This flower has the most wonderful scent!  Every year I look forward to cutting these beauties, placing them in a vase, and enjoying their fragrance!

Day 152 (Day 268) Damaged

Here's my poor car.  No, this did not just happen.  It actually happened almost 2 years ago.  I rear-ended someone.  We were sitting at a stop sign waiting for traffic to clear to turn right.  I saw a clearing, and the guy in front of me started to go, so I started to go too.  Then WHAMMY!  That stinkin' guy slammed on his brakes and I plowed into him. Grrr!   He had a rusty old truck so didn't give two hoots if I damaged his truck.  Shoot, I think we both agreed that it was hard to tell if I did any damage at all, since it was already beat up.

The hubby and I had kept talking about selling it, or trading it in, so we never fixed it.  It wasn't horrible, so it really hasn't bothered me all this time.  But now we are finally getting rid of her!  So I took some pictures for eBay, or Craigslist, or whatever direction we decide to go in to sell it.  Those darn dealerships just don't give you anything to trade it in.  I am hoping to get a decent price, despite the damage.

Day 151 (Day 267) Remembrance

Memorial Day is a day for remembrance.  We remember those that have lost their lives defending our nation, serving our country.  We also support those that are currently serving, allowing us to continue the freedoms we have.

Parades are held all over the country to honor our soldiers.  Michael was priviledged to take part in the parade in our hometown, where he represented his taekwondo school.  He had a blast - breaking boards and hanging with Po, from King Fu Panda!

He's the one on the far left, with the orange headband, waving to his Mama!

Day 150 (Day 266) Tractor

Memorial Day parade!   This was pulling the "float" for the Boy Scouts.

Day 149 (Day 265) Metallic

This work of art has been in our city for many years.  As you can see, some of the band members are missing their instruments.  They were real instruments, since they are made right here, and some were sold in the building in the background.  I am sure the vandels sold them for their melted down value.  Pity.

Day 148 (Day 264) Friendships

These two were born only weeks apart.  We hope that they form a lasting friendship!

Day 147 (Day 263) Heavy

The trucks we use have to be heavy duty to pull the products we deliver!

Behind again!

Once again I find myself terribly behind in this.  I have been taking my pictures, but man!  I cannot seem to get here and post them on a daily basis.  Shoot, it has almost been a month now!  I hate doing this to everyone, because then when I finally find the time, it is a post overload!

So here we go again!  Time to catch up!  Sorry!