Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 59 (Day 175) Cheese


The cheese stands alone...

This is one of my daughter's favorite toys.  It is a pot with plastic food and a spoon, and it sings!  You can find it scattered around on my floor on any given day!  Her favorite things to do with it?  She loves to put the lid on and off, because it will sing "Open!  Closed!  Off!  On!" to her.  She also loves to bang the food on mommy's wood furniture, to try to make as many dings as possible!  So much fun!  (but not for mommy!)


  1. lol my niece and nephew love to play grocery shopping, we shop for that cheese (exactly that kind) often! :)

  2. Nice shot! You've got some really decent shots for someone who claims she's not very good at photography!

  3. the toys they do these days......
    gives you great photoppertunitys to ;-)