Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 31

I have lots of pictures of the kids today.  But I think I will post those over on our family blog.  So this is the one I will share here.  It is the Southwest Salad at McD's.  I order it with grilled chicken, although you can't see it buried underneath all those delicious tortilla chips.

Every Thursday I take the kids to McD's, because Mike has a weekly round of golf with his buddies that night.  I order the salad, MJ gets nuggets, and he shares a few fries with his sister.  I just love this salad.  For a fast food restaurant, it rocks!  I think it is the dressing that really makes it yummy.  It is Newman's Own Southwest Dressing, and it is not available to buy retail.  Trust me.  Don't waste your time looking for it in the stores or online.  I have already put in the time.  Unless you know someone that works at McD's and is willing to smuggle some out for you, you will just have to order the salad there to enjoy it.  I highly recommend it!

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