Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 42

So, today I started a new diet.  It seems like I am always starting a new diet.  *sigh*  Here is the one I am trying now.  It is a 4-week meal plan, so we shall see if I last that long.

The meal plan has quite a few foods that I am not used to eating.  Some are things I have never eaten before, as well as a few I have never heard of.  What the heck is Lox?  I assume it is a meat.  Fish maybe?

It is nice that it gives you a shopping list for the grocery store.  However, there are quite a few items I cannot find in my store.  There is a substitution list, but those hard to find items are not on it :(  So I am going to make my own substitutions.

Wish me luck!

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