Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 180 (Day 296) Dairy

June 29, 2011

I couldn't just post one picture for this day.  I need 4 to tell the whole story.

Most nights, our routine is the following:  I am in charge of putting Baby Girl down for the night, and hubby takes care of Michael.  Usually it doesn't take as long for me, since Allison is pretty easy to get to bed.  But Michael takes forever with every step of his bedtime routine.  I swear we have to ask him 5 times to wash himself, 5 times to get out of the tub, 5 times to get dressed, 5 times to brush his teeth, etc.  While this is going on, I end up going downstairs to catch up on some computer or TV time, or tidying up, before heading to bed myself. 

When Michael finally is ready for bed, he comes downstairs to give me a hug & kiss goodnight, and usually cons me into a bedtime snack.  The snack is usually accompanied by a long-drawn out story of his conjuring.  You know...anything to delay going to bed.  But I secretly love it, because I love to sit and listen to his stories!

Now back to the theme.  On this evening, the snack was milk (dairy) and cookies.  We have taught him the proper way to eat cookies!

Yum!  I chose to do these in black and white because the lighting and white balance were horrible.  I tried to correct it, but I didn't like how they were turning out.  Black and white did the trick (for me, at least!)

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