Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 152 (Day 268) Damaged

Here's my poor car.  No, this did not just happen.  It actually happened almost 2 years ago.  I rear-ended someone.  We were sitting at a stop sign waiting for traffic to clear to turn right.  I saw a clearing, and the guy in front of me started to go, so I started to go too.  Then WHAMMY!  That stinkin' guy slammed on his brakes and I plowed into him. Grrr!   He had a rusty old truck so didn't give two hoots if I damaged his truck.  Shoot, I think we both agreed that it was hard to tell if I did any damage at all, since it was already beat up.

The hubby and I had kept talking about selling it, or trading it in, so we never fixed it.  It wasn't horrible, so it really hasn't bothered me all this time.  But now we are finally getting rid of her!  So I took some pictures for eBay, or Craigslist, or whatever direction we decide to go in to sell it.  Those darn dealerships just don't give you anything to trade it in.  I am hoping to get a decent price, despite the damage.

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