Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 258 What is That?

If you don't have a young boy in your life, you may not know what these are.  They are called Bakugans.  These are toys based on the cartoon that originated in Japan.  "Baku" means "to explode" and "gan" means "sphere."  Kids throw these, and when they hit the floor, they pop open and reveal different battle characters.  Michael originally liked them because they were just cool toys.  But he is now starting to understand how to "battle" with them from watching the cartoons and from classmates.

He had them all out (this is only about a third of them) and temporarily placed them on the patio table while he played outside.  Something drew me in to take this picture.

It has been fun watching Michael teach his sister how to play with them.  She loves to throw them and yell whatever battle cry Micahel yells.  I am sure she doesn't understand, but what kid doesn't like to throw toys, especially when they transform on impact?


  1. Love the shallow depth of field and the colorful "Bakugans".

  2. Great photo! We have some of these at our house, too.