Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 1 (Day 117) Abstract

Ok, so the title of my posts from this point forward may be a bit confusing, but here is why.  When I originally started this blog, it was to document my 40th year, which started on my 40th birthday on September 7th, 2010.  However, most P365s start at the beginning of the calendar year, and I am taking part in one such P365 right here.  So, bear with me.  Today I am on Day 1 of the new P365 I joined, and the day in parenthesis will be what day I am on in my original P365.  Clear as mud?  Good. 

Although I am behind in getting this started, I will be using a posting date of the day it represents.
So here it is.  My first photo post of the year! The theme for today's photo is "Abstract."  I had a tough time finding something, but I think this fits.


  1. Fits the theme perfectly and how unusual...I really like it!

  2. Thank heavens that you showed the title "Abstract" as I thought that was what happened when you turned 40 LOL, there is no behind or need to catch up, in any of our challenges, you do what you can - No more is needed.

  3. Ron - I kinda wish this happened at 40! Especially being that skinny!