Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 15 (Day 131) Challenge/Challenging


One of the biggest challenges we have had with Miss Allie is her mobility.  Not that it is a big deal, since she is not technically "behind" by any stretch.  But she took a little longer than her brother did to learn how to crawl.  She took a little longer to cruise, and now to walk.  She is making great progress, and is very proud of herself when she takes unassisted steps.  But it has challenged us as parents to work with her a little extra.

Took this picture at night, in our poorly lit family room.  I bounced my flash off the ceiling, but looks like I needed to have a bit faster shutter speed!


  1. There'll be plenty more challenges to come - and you'll enjoy every one of them.

  2. One giant leap for Babykind! Tomorrow the Moon!

  3. this is too cute and a milestone you will be glad you have a pic of!